BSK Ceramics workshop

BSK Ceramics, initially established in 2018 as a small workshop in the basement of a house by a female science teacher, has continued its production in a 500 m2 area since 2021. As of early 2023, it exports to more than 30 countries, primarily employing art teachers and ceramic graduates.

At BSK Ceramics, products are entirely handcrafted from clay to the final stage. These products can also be customized upon request.

Quality and aesthetics are fundamental principles at BSK Ceramics. Therefore, the finest materials are chosen. Patterns are entirely brush-drawn and hand-painted, with 24-carat real gold used in the products. No prints or low-heat transfer patterns are used in any of the products.

Products are shaped by hand while still in clay form and baked at 980°C for the first firing called "biscuit firing". They are then painted by hand and glazed before being fired again at 1040°C. Finally, they are meticulously detailed with 24-carat real gold and fired for the third and final time.

BSK Ceramics is exclusively available through its Instagram account @bskceramics and the website However, it has sales points in many countries worldwide. For information about countries and sales points, please get in touch.

Everyone interested in witnessing our production process and seeing our products up close is welcome to our workshop in Denizli.

Wishing you beautiful and free days.