Sunflower Mug

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Sunflower Mug

Includes 1 ceramic mug and 1 saucer.

Cup Volume: 360 ml. / 12 oz.

Cup Height: 9.5 cm. / 3.7" 

Cup Diameter: 8 cm. / 3.2" 

Pattern: Underglaze brush drawing.

The pattern and color tones are a little bit different for each cup. That's why each product comes out of the oven uniquely.

Gold: Ceramic and porcelain gold containing 24K real gold.

Color: off-white, Yellow.

BSK CERAMICS consists of 100% handmade ceramic products. The products are shaped by hand and fired at 980°C for the first firing of biscuits. Then it is painted, glazed, and fired again at 1040°C. It is fried again and last time by carefully detailing with the real 24k gold. Ceramic products are suitable for dishwashers and microwaves. Only gold-detailed products should not be placed in the microwave. Every stage of BSK CERAMICS products is handmade. Use on beautiful and free days.